Threats in an Increasingly Digital World

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Privacy and Security for Public Officials

Personally identifiable information (PII) leaked in data breaches, shared on websites by data brokers, and stolen by hackers, pose a threat to the privacy and security of law enforcement, fire, EMS, and other public officials.  

Doxing (the act of researching and posting PII online to deliberately threaten, harass or embarrass someone) continues to be a threat to public officials and their families.  The FBI issued an advisory in 2015 about this threat and there have been numerous instances of doxing against law enforcement and public officials.



The need to safeguard and limit the sharing of PII is necessary to help public officials insure the privacy and security of themselves and their families.

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We offer special discounted pricing on our privacy and security services for law enforcement, fire, EMS, dispatchers, public officials, and military personnel.


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Classes and Presentations

We offer presentations and training classes for small and large groups specifically tailored for law enforcement, fire, EMS, dispatchers, and other government and public officials to help them enhance their privacy and security.

Training sessions include information on:

  • Understanding how PII ends up public databases and people search websites
  • Tactics and techniques for protecting PII and maintaining privacy (e.g., home address, phone numbers, emails, etc.)
  • How to locate and remove PII found online
  • How to eliminate the sharing and exposure of personal information
  • Best practices for personal computer and phone security
  • Utilizing secure phone and email communications to protect personal information and maintain privacy
  • How to make secure and anonymous financial transactions
  • Changes needed in habits to prevent PII from being shared or leaked

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