Privacy and security consulting services



We offer custom consulting services for personal privacy and security.  This includes:

  • Personal privacy and security assessments
  • Threat modeling
  • Personal information security
  • Securing financial transactions and assets
  • Training and education

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Whether you have an active threat of violence against you or are just generally concerned about your safety, there are several reasons to not have your personally identifiable information (PII) easily accessible to others: 

  • Maintain personal privacy for self and family
  • Enhance personal security and safety
  • Prevent unwanted contacts (e.g., news media, ex-spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.) 
  • Reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of identity theft

Maintaining privacy and security is like having insurance. Once you realize you need it, if you do not have it, it’s often too late. You wouldn’t install and use locks on your doors only after becoming a victim of a burglary, right?

We provide various services, such as locating and removing PII found online (e.g., name, address, phone number, etc.), identifying  vulnerabilities to individual personal privacy, and developing strategies to help enhance and insure privacy and security.  

We offer special discounted pricing on our privacy and security services for law enforcement, fire, EMS, dispatchers, public officials, and military personnel. 

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How does my personal information (home address, phone number, email, etc.) end up online?

These websites have your information because you gave it to them, or to someone who you (usually unknowingly) gave permission to share your information with third parties. 

Different types of businesses collect your information for different purposes. Each time you do business with a company and give them your name, address, phone number, and other personally identifiable information, and agree to their terms of service or privacy policy. Part of what you are usually agreeing to is permission to share your information.

Should I be concerned about having my information online?

If anyone has a desire to target you because of your profession, beliefs, or other motivations (grudges, revenge, to commit criminal acts) and wants to find information about you, it could be as easy as conducting an Internet search with your name. Such a search can produce results within seconds revealing information about you such as your home address, phone numbers, associated family members, political affiliations, pictures, and email address.

Try it for yourself. Use your favorite search engine (like Google or Bing, however we prefer or since they help proterct your privacy) and conduct a search using your name. If you conduct a search with more information (like your city), if becomes much easier to sift through and find information about you that is available. 

If someone intends to harass or harm you or your family, having your personally identifiable information publicly available will make it all too easy for them to find you.